Organisational Overview

At African Women in Technology (AWIT), we are committed to bridging the gender gap in the tech industry across Africa. Our mission is to empower and celebrate women in technology, fostering a diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.
In 2024, our goal is to train 10,000 girls in the following 10countries, providing them with the skills and opportunities to excel in the tech sector:

1) Nigeria

With a rapidly growing tech ecosystem, particularly in Lagos, Nigeria offers abundant opportunities for tech training programs.

2) Egypt

Egypt's growing tech ecosystem in cities like Cairo and Alexandria offers a vibrant environment for training programs.

3) Kenya

Nairobi, known as "Silicon Savannah," boasts a thriving tech community and is a prime location for tech education.

4) South Africa

This is well-established tech sector, centered around cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, provides a strong foundation for training initiatives.

5) Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is an emerging tech hub with a commitment to tech education.

6) Rwanda

Rwanda's active investment in technology and innovation makes it an attractive choice for AWIT initiatives.

7) Senegal

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is witnessing the growth of tech startups and tech-focused initiatives.

8) Ethiopia

Ethiopia is becoming a hub for software development and innovation, providing ample opportunities for tech training.

9) Uganda

Uganda's tech sector is on the rise, with a growing number of tech hubs and startups, particularly in Kampala.

10) Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)

Abidjan, the largest city in Ivory Coast, is experiencing growth in its tech ecosystem and is another viable location for training programs.

Who we are

About AWIT

AWIT originated from a desire to connect, educate, and empower women committed to advancing their careers in the tech industry.

Our commitment lies in offering opportunities and creating a secure environment for women to thrive and take leadership roles in the tech sector.

It is a network of African women who are reshaping the technology landscape in Africa through their creativity, emerging as pivotal figures and trendsetters in the global creative and innovative sectors.


Topics Covered

AWIT strives at empowering women and closing the gender gap in tech and financial literacy across Africa by creating an inclusive tech and finance ecosystem.


Sustainable Tech

Explore how technology can contribute to sustainability...


Cyber Security

Discuss strategies to enhance cybersecurity awareness...



Share insights on starting and growing tech businesses...


Data Science

Explore the role of data science in solving African...


Health Tech

Highlight innovations in healthcare technology...


Ethics in Tech

Engage in conversations about ethical considerations...

our philosophy

Our Core Values and Principes

We’ve designed a culture that allows our stewards to assimilate with our clients and bring the best of who we are to your business. Our culture drives our – and more importantly – your success.

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